CIVILTOKYO has two departments.
CIVILcreative, we do create by our head, our dynamism, our idea, our creative exert ourselves.We be a body, various all sorts of all manner of people join us, we stay being the cutting edge.
CIVILmagazine, we select best contributors every issue, we recommend collaboration artworks.
You can see the artworks only here, we scrape original works for us.
Please check it out if we appear in your very front.
And please contact us if you love us.
For any kind person, we go to meet you.
CIVILTOKYO wait for an opportunity to appear in you.

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伊藤 佑一郎 / Yuichiro Ito

Creative Director / Chief Editor

1985年 埼玉生まれ
2008年 法政大学政治学科 卒業
2010年 東京綜合写真専門学校 卒業
2010年 東京綜合写真専門学校 第50回卒業制作展 最優秀賞受賞
2010年 Tokyo Graphic Passport 2010 Portfolio Viewing Award 写真部門 グランプリ受賞
2011年 写真集「いつまでも陽狩り、惹かれ、光る」刊行。(出版:+81publishers)

Born in 1985, Saitama.
Graduated, faculty of Politics, Hosei University in 2008.
Graduated, Tokyo college of photography in 2010.
Grand-Prix winner, The 50th Graduational exhibition, Tokyo College of Photography in 2010.
Grand-Prix winner, photography part, Tokyo Graphic Passport 2010 Portfolio Viewing Award in 2010.
Published, first photography book "Hunt by love in the sun and turn, it's a light forever" in 2011.(+81publishers)

根子 敬生 /Takao Neko

Art Director

グラフィックデザイナー / ウェブデザイナー
1985年生まれ 愛媛県出身
神戸大学発達科学部人間行動表現学科 卒

Graphic Designer / Web Designer
1985, born in Ehime, Japan
graduated, Human Development and Environment, Kobe University

都竹 泰三 /Taizo Tsuzuku

Web Director

1984年生まれ 愛知県出身
2010年 第1回せんがわ劇場演劇コンクール グランプリ受賞作出演
(トランジスタone 「幸福の甘き香り」)

Web Designer
1984, born in Aichi, Japan
2010, Grand-Prix winner, The First Sengawa Drama Award,
'Trasitor-one [Perfume of Happiness] '
now work freelance